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Back Massage Machine

Sep 30 '12

Electric Back Massage - Modern Way To Pamper Yourself

Electric Back Massage

Did you know about electric back massage chair? Massage therapists have a lot of available option today as compared to what they offered 20 years ago. Therapy equipment are now more developed because of the increase in the number of people needing a massage therapy. In fact, there are many equipment for massage therapy that can be bought in local stores today.

One of the best electric  massage equipment are electric back massage therapy beds. One of the best benefit that the patient gain from using these electric back massage therapy bed is that they can be more comfortable because of the shaking and vibrating effect of the equipment. This could be quite relaxing for the client, especially for those who never tried it before. In fact, there are wide selection of electric heated massage beds depending on the client’s preferences. 

Other electric back massage device involves pulsating devices, which are used for deep tissue therapy. Deep tissue therapy is  then executed to manage any tension in the underlying tissues and other pressure points under the skin. Some massage therapists make use of electric equipment for deep tissue massage process. This type of pulsating therapy could also be utilized in soft tissue massage as well.

With the advantages of electric back massage chairs, they are  used by lots of individuals in offices and homes. For those individuals who sit for long hours could even really gain benefit from this electric massage device even if they are just in their home or in the office. The chair would give you a relaxing feeling to your back, back thighs, and buttocks once it is plugged into the electrical outlet.

Sedentary lifestyle of an individuals may contribute to the back problems due to their inactivity or improper body posture. By having this sort of electronic back massage therapy all the time, they can stimulate their muscles and alleviate back pain. 

While we frequently think of massage as an ancient way to relieve tension with the use of the heels and palms of your hands, palms, but with the new technology, there are a lot of options that can make massage therapy pleasurable and effective to the clients.

Sep 30 '12

Purchasing Back Massage Cushion

Do you want to purchase a cushion massage? There are a lot of factors to think about in selecting the best back massage cushion. Back massage is sometimes good for one person, but is not right for the other. Function and price are the primary concerns you have to keep in mind upon when choosing a back massage cushion. 

Back Massage Cushion

The very first thing to do when finding a back massage cushion is to see what the primary functions of the cushion will be. Your massage therapist can recommend you the best brand. This will give you a great idea to begin your search. Always see to it that the cushion you are buying fit on the area of body that you need to have a massage.

If you have some tension in your shoulders and neck, a great and cost-effective choice is to purchase a pillow cushion that gives relieves on that area. A shiatsu back massage is suggested for those who are having a middle or lower back pain and tension. A shiatsu foot cushion works best for somebody who spends most of their time on his or her feet. Some chair cushions are made available that begin at the neck and work down through the entire back, which could be expensive but also thorough and effective. 

The cost of the back massage cushion must as well be considered when you opt to buy for one. There are many cushions out there that can be bought below 100 US dollars. Also consider the functions and features that you are getting for the price, and assess what features that the other models or manufacturers offer for the same cost. This is one way for you to find the best product that’s within your budget.

Buying a used back massage cushion is another alternative to consider that might save you a bit of money. It is up to you if you buy a used cushion or a brand-new one; just always consider your financial budget for it. If you are choosing for high quality but cheaper back massage cushion, the internet is big shopping center where you can find one that suits your budget. Just have enough time if you really want to have one.

Sep 30 '12

Best Brands Of Back Massage Chair

Back Massage ChairsBackaches are one of the major problems of many people lately. There are many people experience unbearable pain daily because of backache. Back massage therapy is very helpful in solving theses dilemmas. But if you have frequent back pain that impede your therapy session at the massage center, you can consider purchasing back massage chair. In general, these chairs are integrated with automatic motors and gears to give massage therapy to the individual  sitting. Modern back massage chairs have rollers and heaters to give relaxation and comfort to the back of the person. Below are a few of the best back massage chairs for relieve pain.

Panasonic EP30007KX Panasonic is one of the best brands used as home electronics or as personal health care solutions. The EP30007KX is one of the best massage chair model preferred by many people. It has great features like 36 airbags, 1000 massage modes, user memory, fist, arm, and leg massage,back scan, and a lot of other impressive offerings. For all these benefits and functions  of Panasonic back massage chair, you have to pay for about $6000. 

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair The iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair from Human Touch is used by many individuals since it cost lower than any other back massage chairs. This is a massager but looks like a standard chair for relaxation. It is intended to be utilized to alleviate any pains and aches in the back. This chair provides your back a massage by rolling, kneading, and percussive functions. It is made with massage functions, a control pad right at hand placement area, as well as power recline. The price for this chair is $900.

Elite Triumph This is considered to be the most popular and beneficial chair since it is used by lot of individuals worldwide. It is a trendy armchair styling massage chair. It gives heat therapy to the back and legs, thus promotes relaxation. One advantage of this chair is that it could run the rolling, tapping and kneading functions simultaneously, This modern electronic massager chair costs about be bought for $2000 at many local stores. 

These are a few of the best and effective back massage chairs today. These devices are surely a convenient answer for getting a back massage at home to any pain and tiredness.

Sep 30 '12

Release Your Tension With Shiatsu Back Massage

Shiatsu Back Massage

Shiatsu back massage techniques is one of the massage methods used by the Japanese, which is equivalent to the acupressure therapy in Chinese Meridian system. The term ‘Shiatsu’ is derived from the Japanese words, Shi and atsu which means ‘fingers’ and ‘pressure’ correspondingly. Therefore shiatsu massage therapy helps relax the body by releasing the tension in the body’s pressure points.

Just the same with acupressure therapy, Shiatsu massage techniques consider body to be have 14 meridians matching to all body organs. These channels keep up free flow of energy called the chi energy. Health problems might occur when there is hitch in the path where the chi energy passes. Balancing the free flow of chi energy is the main purpose of shiatsu massage therapy. When western medicines are not convinced on this technique and the concept of chi energy, but shiatsu is believed  help patient in their health problems.

Shiatsu massage pressure points give immediate relief and improve the feeling of well-being.

- Massaging the center of tech head help the patient to feel relax since it release the tension in the center of tech head. By putting the thumbs on the top of the ears and placing the index fingers on the top of the head, pressure is applied.

- On back side of the hand, apply mild pressure between the thumb and index. Tension in the neck, jaws, and shoulders can be relieved by doing this method.

- The areas between tech first and second toes, you can then gently apply pressure to keep the balance of tech flow of tech chi energy. Placing the fingers in between these areas essentially help release muscles cramps, tensions, and spasms.

- In massaging tech back, try to massage the lower area first going to the higher part of the back. This helps release tension, and improve blood circulation.

Shiatsu back massage is an intensely satisfying massage technique that balances the body’s energy points. Shiatsu back massage techniques do come in many ways, thus helps any kind of problems in health. In the mission to attain holistic health, massage therapy has developed to be an integral element in health care industry, and is used for its different benefits.

Sep 29 '12

Why Opt For Back Massage Machines

Back Massage MachinesJust like other people, you are as well experiencing back pain from a daily workload, and you think that buying a back massager will help you to lessen this dilemma. Effective back massage machines are good investments as it could provide remarkable relief from muscle strains and back pain. Perhaps you heard the advantages of these massager from your  friend, or from any advertisement you read somewhere. Whatever be the reasons of your back aches and pain, the back massagers surely give you the ease of it. 

Firstly, it is significant to realize that there are many choices out there. There are lots of out there advertise that their product would be able to reduce your pain and even improve your health. So what you should be looking for when you opt for these products?

You need to choose a high quality product. Try and stick to well-known brands and brands that have been well recommended by other users. A  powerful and high-quality motor is recommended . The motor is the thing that controls the whole back massage machines, so it is significant to get this right. The type of motor utilized would also effect the type and intensity of the massage you get, so be sure you shop around to find the best massager for you.

Programmability is also important to think about. Basically, this refers to the control of the whole product. Standard back massager machines might just have a on-off switch. For people with mild back pain these machines might be all that they need, but to those with severe back problems these machines are not that beneficial. 

As compared to higher quality back massager, all people could take advantage  from its automatic and effective massage functions. Though the price is not low, but the effectiveness of the product would certainly amaze you. 

As a matter of fact, you can buy back massage machine that’s within you budget. Just make sure you getting a product that could as well help you to solve your back problems.